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Giovanni Cafiero

Architect | Telos Srl President | Managing Director | Technical Director
Giovanni Cafiero, architect, has a multidisciplinary experience that combines a high level of professional skill in the field of territorial and environmental planning and a wide range of studies and research in the area of territorial and development economy. He has completed a number of territorial plans and studies in various regions of Italy and countries of the Mediterranean area. A strong believer in the concept of towns and municipalities as the focus of a nation’s economic and civil development, he focuses on research and projects related to urban development. As an expert, he advocates new environmental paradigms for development. He has coordinated several territorial and development plans for protected areas and National Parks, studies and research on developing the green economy and the redevelopment of energy in urban settlements.


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Massimo Paolanti

Agronomist | Telos Srl Director and Technical Director
Massimo Paolanti, agronomist, deals with urban and territorial planning and managing, including the urban field, resource inventories, data collection, the development of databases and GIS (Geographic Information Systems), the realization of thematic and numeric cartographies; furthermore he carries out training, research and consulting activities in the environmental, rural, agricultural, woodland, pastoral and pedologic fields. He uses GIS instruments for territorial databases analysis, processing and management, integrated with Remote Sensing technologies. He also creates territorial databases and cartographies with a view to developing resource inventories (soil and land cover maps, environment units), for territorial evaluation (land use capability, environmental attitudes, sensitivities and vulnerabilities) and for territorial planning in urban and agricultural areas as well as planning mainly natural or semi-natural environments.


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Marta Battaglia

Architect | Telos Srl Member
Marta Battaglia, has completed her degree at the 'Facoltà di Architettura' (Architecture Department) of the University of Florence, and her Master at the 'Istituto Universitario di Architettura' (Architecture University Institute) of Venice on Territory assessments. She has a good knowledge of Strategic Environmental Assessment activities and planning and programming, due to the fact that she was present at the first Italian experiences on 2001/42/CE European directives application. By supporting territory governance instruments, she manages data gathering and processing for environmental reporting, and she takes care of the company graphic identity and public relations. Furthermore, Marta has professional specific experiences on managing the environmental performance improvement processes of territories with processes directed by National Boards and private entities through voluntary instruments adoption (such as EMAS, Piani d'Azione per l'Energia Sostenibile, Cutting Paper, educational paths and organized initiatives on local communities' involvement and awareness among the InFEA program, and many more).

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Among the Founders

Gianluigi Nigro

(Ortona, 22 agosto 1936 – Roma, 14 febbraio 2012)

Professor Architect | Technical Director
Gianluigi Nigro, architect, started his activity back in the late sixties. He is one of the key players in the debate over urban planning in Italy. He combined his activity as researcher and university lecturer, and as former president of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (National Institute of Urban Planning) with his work as planner and consultant in the field of territorial, landscape and urban programming and planning, working on projects for central, regional and local administrations. This helped him obtain a vast experience in the development of environmental landscape plans and general and implementation urban plans, in various Italian regional areas. He strongly believed that theory and practice cannot be separated and his activity as a planner was based on the constant and fruitful interaction between theory and applied research, in order to ensure useful, innovative methodological approaches and technical solutions in terms of the subjects handled and the contents of each project. During his career, he acquired specific skills for coordinating multidisciplinary groups capable of tackling modern environmental and territorial issues.


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