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Sustainable Innovation

Telos Srl follows in the footsteps of its founding members, embodying a tradition that is the expression of an open and reformist culture, with a particular focus on sustainable innovations, respect for the institutions and the human and local dimension of local realities and identities, while being constantly mindful of the indissoluble local-global relationship in environmental issues.

Our team of professionals and researchers united to meet the social and institutional need for up-to-date and responsible experts, taking into account the institutional and community-based dimension of each public project and program, of a territorial, cultural, socio-economic or institutional kind.

Telos Srl addresses the increasing need for territorial and social entities of having access to multidisciplinary, high-value specialized studies, programs, plans and project. These are held together by a sound overall view of society and of development seen as a dynamic integration of economy, environment, territory, institutions and communities.
Telos Srl promotes sustainable innovation in all its activities, with a particular regard to environmental and territorial analysis, assessment, planning and design, using the latest scientific-technical knowledge and new IT and multimedia technologies.
Our activity also involves opportunities to reflect upon theories and verify applied research in order to share experiences and ideas at national and international level, by introducing training courses and disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge.

Below you can find our main fields of activity, which are the fruit of the extensive, in-depth experience of our experts and researchers:

- Territorial and socio-economic analysis.
- Analysis and planning for territorial restoration and redevelopment.
- Data bank development and processing for territorial assessment and planning.
- Realization of cartographies, production of geographical data banks and territorial information systems, statistical and geostatistical analyses.
- National and international programs and plans concerning environment and development.
- Urban and suburban land planning and management.
- Planning of parks and protected areas.
- Urban and environmental planning.
- Projects, investigations, research and inventories on agricultural and forest environments.
- Developing new principles of the relationship between country and city and for the development of rural areas.
- Quality of the social, environmental and energy aspects of settlements and infrastructures.
- Environmental assessments.
- Analysis, promotion and enhancement both of the landscape in its natural, socio-cultural and perceptive aspects and of the cultural assets as a strategic collective heritage.
- Promotion of museums and cultural and communication activities.
- Shared strategic planning.
- Promotion and support of local development through participatory techniques.
- Social communication to promote the environment, territory and sustainable development.
- Promotion of innovative institutional bodies and regulations.
- High level training courses, scientific courses and communication activities.