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Our Services and Activities

Databases and territorial studies

Telos srl uses GIS instruments for the analysis, management, development and dissemination of territorial information, which form the basis for the development and evaluation of territorial planning tools and the assessment of their effects.
Telos Srl develops territorial databases and cartographies used to construct inventories of territorial resources (soil and land cover maps, environmental units) and to evaluate the territory (land capability, environmental attitudes, sensible areas and vulnerabilities) in urban and agricultural areas and in natural or semi-natural environments.
Telos Srl uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyse, process and manage territorial data banks, integrated with Remote Sensing tools, geo-statistical techniques and other digital mapping solutions.
This enables us to collect geographical data, perform spatial analyses, process data (updating, correction, etc) and make maps.
Telos srl organizes and implements ground surveys. We use data processing and submission methods that comply with the standards applied by public and research entities dealing with territorial issues.
Telos srl uses commercial (ESRI, Autodesk products) as well as free software.
Telos Srl can manage and develop forecast models; our partners cooperate with scientific institutions specialized in territorial analysis, working on specific issues.