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Our Services and Activities

Urban and territorial planning

Telos Srl has an important tradition in the field of urban and territorial planning due to its long experience and the research carried out by its founder partners.

We are experts in the field of Territorial Planning for regional and wider areas, whether a general plan or a particular study is required, with a specific landscape relevance.

Telos Territorial Plans are characterized by a special ability for relating the structural constants (in relation to settlements, environment and infrastructures) to the processes for transforming the territory and general objectives of sustainable development.

Via this multi-sectorial and interdisciplinary approach, we aim to meet the following objectives:
- Taking into consideration widespread events
- Promoting the interaction of territorial planning concerning large areas with local-level planning,
- Coordinating territorial projections with economic and social development plans at regional, national and international level

Furthermore, Telos Srl has a wide experience in Planning National Parks and protected natural areas of European, regional and local relevance.

An integrated approach taking into consideration both preservation and development is of paramount importance to us when planning protected areas.

This integrated approach that unites preservation and development is based on the following elements:
- the concept of co-evolution of man and environment,
- the involvement of local communities in the economic system of the parks
- promoting traditional economic activities,
- a responsible use of new technologies for environment monitoring and management,
- a tourism model based on the conservation of natural and cultural resources while benefiting local communities.
(nature tourism)