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Scientific and Cultural Activities

Our company was established by professionals and university professors with the common aim of promoting the integration of scientific-cultural activity and technical and operational dimension. The professional value of our company, together with the scientific and cultural activities carried out by our members, enhance a circle of technical activities and considerations concerning different subjects required to promote and disseminate “sustainable innovation” within our society and institutions. Scientific and cultural activity is therefore one of the pillars on which our company is founded. It thrives on the activity of our professionals and consultants and the work of our Scientific Committee. The wide range of scientific and cultural activities performed mainly includes those linked to our territory: from architecture and engineering, to urban planning and landscape architectural services, environmental analysis and planning, communication, legislative framework and economic and social sciences. These different subjects are held together by a common “humanistic mission” and by the concept of development as a dynamic blend of economy, environment, institutions and society.

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