Responsible innovation

Telos s.r.l. is an engineering company established in 2010. We offer the following services in Italy and abroad: feasibility studies, research, consulting services, urban and territorial plans, development plans, sector plans, design and works supervision; studies, projects and evaluations of technical/economical congruity, environmental, territorial and socio-economic assessments.  
Our services also include promoting and implementing training courses, disseminating and communicating scientific and cultural knowledge, creating inventories of territorial resources, performing socio-economic analysis, developing and processing geographical databases.

Telos srl gathers the tradition of a founding nucleus, expression of an open and reformist culture. As a result, we are attentive to the reasonableness of innovations, to the respect for institutions and human and local dimension of territorial realities and identities, and we are aware also of the indissolubility of the local-global link in environmental issues.

Intelligence, intellectual and emotional ability as the basis of every project

A flower and a human face: the search for a sustainable relationship between man and nature. Respect for the environment, aesthetic sense and desire for growth

This not only symbolizes switching on and starting up, but also stands for an open mindset that welcomes new ideas

A man moving with open arms: dynamism and openness

We are a technical partner of Aeneas Route Association